Cheap Eats in Barcelona (That Taste Amazing)

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  • October 4, 2017
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Where to Eat for Cheap in Barcelona

A fantastic place to bake your shoulders and let the sun kiss your face while downing delicious food is the Barceloneta beach. At Gallito I rested against plush colorful cushions while the sea breeze tickled my sunburn. I can’t imagine a better place to enjoy the weather and the free WiFi 🙂

One of the things I enjoy the most about Spain is the warmth and hospitality that you can feel resonating with everyone you meet. The epitome of this is Agust Gastrobar, where the chef  has melded traditional Iberian cuisine into a gastronomic adventure that leaves you satiated but not overly full.   The desserts are the draw, with the coconut creme brulee feeling like a true standout in my mind.  Although I am an adventurous eater, the “cactus” dessert (gobs of delicious sorbet fashioned into the shape of a cactus) just didn’t sit well with me. The flavors and textures felt conflicted, however, I am told this dessert sells out nightly.

In the shade of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, it’s nearly impossible to find a delicious meal that isn’t a tourist trap, save for La Paradeta. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the seafood that makes Barcelona famous without breaking the bank.

Dessert is my favorite thing in the world. My sweet tooth was forged in a Willy Wonka Factor to be sure. At Artisa we settled into a cozy window, with me regaling my husband with stories of my sordid collegiate Spain adventures. The shop itself is nostalgic in a way that only Barcelona can display. Red velvet curtains, and well-worn silk sofas, at once seductive and comfortable.  Much like the city itself.

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